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Författare Ämne: What is the right size of pump for my house?  (läst 1622 gånger)

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What is the right size of pump for my house?
« skrivet: 14 februari 2006, 20:46:30 »

I was wondering if anyone would be able to say, what size of pump is the most suitable to my new house.
I have been thinking about buying Nibe 1220 (=1230 in Sweden), but I am not so confident that Finnish pump dealers know how to calculate the optimum size of pump and hole for my house. In Finland the knowledge about optimum sized pump is not yet at the same level as in Sweden, so I thought I would ask you, because you are more experienced.

As I told before, I am building a new house at the west coast of Finland. House is a "concrete" house, made of Siporex. There is 163m2 (+ 50m2 garage). Volume of the building is 630m3 (+ 125m3 garage).
there are two showers and no bath tubb. Four or five people will be moving in when finished. The is also a fireplace, but mainly for decoration purposes. Ventilation is done with machine where is water based pre warming system.

Finnish dealers have calculated very different size of pumps and holes with these same informations depending of pump manufacturer. Examples:

Nibe 1210 - 5,
Carrier heat60 C7,
LämpöÄssä V9,
Thermia Dipl. TWS 12.

so there is guite a wide range of pumps Sc:,h
Hole depths are also rangeing from 150m to 210m.

What is your opinion? What size of pump should I buy? and what size of hole it requires?

Please answer in English. My Swedish is terrible, if possible worse than my English ;) 

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SV: What is the right size of pump for my house?
« Svar #1 skrivet: 14 februari 2006, 21:17:51 »
Hi - I don't have much experience with such machines tho I would give you a tip about
an air/water heatpump from VENETO. Here in sweden it's imported by the same
company as Panasonic air/air heatpumps and has also got the nickname
'Sverigepumpen' as the rest of the Panasonic heatpump series.

These machines should be able to give you 75% of your heat needed troughout
the year and so as well all of your hot waters need. I believe it would give you
everything you need combined with your fireplace those few extreme cold days.

The best of all, no hole needed - more money saved.


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SV: What is the right size of pump for my house?
« Svar #2 skrivet: 14 februari 2006, 21:35:35 »
To get an idea what you need, some more information would be necessary.
The westcoast is long so is it Turku ,Vaasa or futher north? Is the house just one floor and shall the garage also be heated with the heatpump? What´s the distance between the house and the garage or is it in the same building?  Is the heatsystem pipes in the floor or is it radiators. If radiators is it a low temperature system, less than 45-50° water temperature when it is really cold outside.
What I can tell you directly is that the 5 kW-pump is probably to small.
Is the house already built or can you still make changes?
Another idea common in modern buildings with mechanical ventilation is to use an exhaust air heat pump. In this case you use the outgoing air to heat the house and the warmwater. You don´t have to drill any hole, that means lower cost. But the house must be well insulated. Read more about this type at www.nibe.se and choose GB in th left hand corner for english. Read about the types Fighter 360P and 410P as an exemple.
« Senast ändrad: 24 februari 2006, 09:25:34 av Bobo »
110+125 m² (souterrain) stenhus från 1939 på Tyresö.
1: IVT greenline puls (3,7 kW, 1996 - 2006,pensionerad) + 500l tank + 250m sjöslinga. Fast kondensering. VP drog ca 8000kWh/år. + 2 kakelugnar som toppvärme.
2: Nibe 1130-8, ytterligare 2x220m sjökollektor, parallellt med den gamla, den gamla 500-liters-acken med VVB, en volymtank på 120 liter, RG10 (med 2 valbara avkänningszoner) och möjlighet till valfri flytande/fast kondensering . Driftsatt september 2006. 1:a året drog VP 5200 kWh och HH 4800.

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SV: What is the right size of pump for my house?
« Svar #3 skrivet: 21 februari 2006, 21:40:53 »
House is to be built near Vaasa. There is only one floor. Garage is about 20 meters from house and it will also be heated with heatpump (but only to 17...19 degrees). Heat system pipes will be in the floor. House is not yet built but it is ordered, so there is not much room for changes.

exhaust air pumps or air/water pumps does not interest me that much. I tought about them at first, but I have heard from several sourcess that heating power of those are too small for my house and they would require secondary heating system for support.

I have desided that heating system will be groung heat pump and collector pipes will be put to a drill hole. only the size and the manufacturer of the pump are question marks ;)

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SV: What is the right size of pump for my house?
« Svar #4 skrivet: 24 februari 2006, 07:36:31 »
Maybe Rickard has the numbers ready :) However I believe the 5 kW is way too small for the Vasa region, at least with this kind of house. I looked for some topics regarding pump dimensioning for similar houses in the Umeå region and they seem to be around 7-8 kW. It's always better to go for a few meters extra when drilling the hole, you won't regret it.

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