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Författare Ämne: IVT Greenline HE C7 vs. NIBE F1226  (läst 1203 gånger)

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IVT Greenline HE C7 vs. NIBE F1226
« skrivet: 08 juni 2016, 20:34:16 »
I do apologise for posting in English, I hope it's acceptable here? I moved to Sweden just three weeks ago and I'm working on learning Swedish, but it's going to take a while...

I've received quotes from two companies for a bergvärme installation to my 155m2 house. One has proposed the IVT Greenline HE C7 7.2kW pump with 160m drilling depth, the other company suggests a NIBE F1226 8kW pump with 140m drilling depth. I don't know the current electricity consumption as I only just moved here and the house has a combination wood / El boiler right now.

Because I'm new here and bergvärme doesn't really exist in the UK I have no knowledge of what to look for in these systems and don't know how good or bad the reputation of IVT or NIBE might be. Researching things myself is a little difficult as everything is in Swedish so I thought I'd ask for advice, if anyone could please summarise the key things to look for when buying these systems and how the two proposed pumps might compare, that would be fabulous.

The NIBE system is 20.000 kr cheaper which is persuasive, but I'd like to somehow understand the full lifetime cost of the system, in case buying the more expensive system day-1 somehow makes sense?

Many thanks. Tack så mycket!!

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SV: IVT Greenline HE C7 vs. NIBE F1226
« Svar #1 skrivet: 08 juni 2016, 20:55:03 »
The IVT offer has a better drilling depth, ask the Nibe Company to make a new offer with 160 meter drilling depth also.
The machines are quite comparable, IVT has got scroll compressor, and Nibe has got "piston compressor" and they have a bit dfifferent characteristics.
The piston compressor looses a bit output at high temperatures, and the scroll compressor does not (as much).
Nibe 8 kW and IVT 7 kW heat pumps deliver approximately the same output power at the coldest day of the year.
This also means the need the same drilling depth to get the same "heat input" from the ground heat source.
With less drilling depth, the COP will get a bit lower.

Nibe 1226 is a quite old construction.
Ivt is a bit more modern, i guess IVT would deliver a bit better COP.
If you ask for an offer of Nibe 1245-8 with 160 m drilling, you would have construction more the same between the 2 manufacturers.
I guess the price would be more alike also...
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