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Författare Ämne: Question from Finland, CTC EcoAir 115 doesn't work!  (läst 2207 gånger)

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Question from Finland, CTC EcoAir 115 doesn't work!
« skrivet: 29 oktober 2009, 18:02:55 »
Hi, everybody! I've bought CTC EcoAir 115 in Finland.
I have this kind of an system: CTC EcoAir115 and warmwater-reservoir 500Liters.

I have this kind of an problem:

One sunday morning the machine kept on going and going. We noticed that in the boiler-room
we could hear small continious "hiss"-sound, and that the warmpump didn't warm anything.
We called to the dealer who told us to turn off the power from the warmpump. Then the hissing-sound stopped. We tryed it again, and it didn't work. The hissing sound came back and the pump didn't warm anything.
On monday morning the repairman came and told that the magnetic-valve from "four-way-valve" has broken.
On tuesday the repairman changed the valve, and it did work for 2-3hours. And the hissing sound disapeared. After that it didin't warm anythig and the hissing sound came back.
On thursday they suspected that the "four-way-valve" is stuck.
Week after that they changed the four-way-valve, and the compressor just in case if the compressor is bad. It didn't work eighter, the hissing soud was back and the warmpump didn't warm anything.
Now they are planning to change some other part. that is made by Honeywell. From that part comes out an capillary-pipe. There are two of those in the machine. Repairman said that the cold-gasses go though them, and that now the cold-gasses can't get through them. We allso watched thourgh the sight-glass from where you should see the cold-matter flowing. And nothing was flowing.

Does anybody have any idea about this kind of an problem?
Does anybody know  what the broken part could be? The repairman and the importer here finland called to ctc-sweden, but they didn't have any clue...

Sorry about the long posting and that it is in english. I'm just too bad in swedish language... Sorry.
Thank you for your responses in advace.


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