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Författare Ämne: ?Sanyo KCRV123EHFP  (läst 1785 gånger)

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?Sanyo KCRV123EHFP
« skrivet: 01 november 2006, 12:00:32 »
Hi everybody!

Sorry that I write on english!
I would like to ask you about your impressions of Sanyo KCRV123EHFP.
I plan to buy one,but there is no enough info about this model.
Does anybody knows where Sanyo manifacturing models KRV123EH and KCRV123EHFP?Is it made in China?

Thanks in advance,



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SV: ?Sanyo KCRV123EHFP
« Svar #1 skrivet: 01 november 2006, 14:45:35 »
Hi tbt

At first I would like to say that the Sanyo heat pumps has a good reputation in Sweden as reliable, silent and powerful machines, especially when the temperature drops. Some people express that the sound level from the outdoor unit is a bit high, but this is also the case with many other brands of heat pumps. One should never mount a outdoor unit on a wooden wall, the vibrations travels through the wall and it´s like living inside a guitar druing a concert. It seems that the 123-size has better references than the 93-size.

There are two different models of the Sanyo. At first it´s the EHN-model without heating cable, 5 holes in the basin and a temperature limit at -20 centigrade. The other model is the EH-model which has an electrical heating cable, 3 holes in the basin and no temperature limit. The EH-model is now upgraded with an jonization unit and has the additional letters "FP".

As far as I know there is no difference regarding technical performance between the EH(FP) and the EHN models. It seems that both machines works in our climate.

Both models are manufactured in China. In some cases this meand quality problems, but I don´t think it is the case with Sanyo heat pumps.

Best regards/Gano
« Senast ändrad: 01 november 2006, 14:48:42 av gano »

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SV: ?Sanyo KCRV123EHFP
« Svar #2 skrivet: 01 november 2006, 16:36:42 »
Gano,thank you very much!

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SV: ?Sanyo KCRV123EHFP
« Svar #3 skrivet: 16 november 2006, 10:01:21 »
I bought Sanyo SAP-KRV123EHFP yesterday.It is wonderful klima.I like it!

There is a new test of Argo AWI25AHL(Sanyo SAP-KRV93EH),but only on finnish language.Good performance!

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